Sex. Dating. Relationships.

Nicole Atkins- writer editor

With a background in philosophy and psychology, Nicole is a trained dating, sex, and relationship researcher. Though she loves research, she traded academic endeavors in favor of the pen. 

As a writer with scholarly experience, she has the ability to translate scientific jargon into language readers enjoy. 

Her goal is to bring the science of sex and relationships to everyone.

She’s contributed her expertise to a variety of media:

  • Ghostwriting - articles, books, eBooks, manuals

  • Instructional manuals used in clinical practice

  • Educational material used in college courses

  • Coaching material for individuals and couples

  • Academic journal articles

  • General advice articles

  • Book reviews

  • Science writing for a general audience

She's a current member of: the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS), the International Academy of Sex Research (IASR), the International Association for Relationship Research (IARR), the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and is an active member on ResearchGate.

Her engaging writing style earned her a spot among the top writers in Medium's 'Relationships' category. She's often regarded for her bold, progressive, sex positive voice.

See RESUME here (pdf).